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Naomi founded Primary STEM Education Consultancy in 2011 and has been a successful independent primary STEM consultant for almost 20 years.

Naomi graduated with a first-class degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, London, where she was sponsored by Rolls-Royce. After graduating and working briefly for Rolls-Royce, she decided to retrain as a primary school teacher and worked in an inner-city London school as a subject leader for science and maths, before becoming a primary science consultant for a local authority. In 2011, she founded Primary STEM Education Consultancy as a specialist primary STEM education consultancy and has overseen its development to become one of England's most successful primary STEM education consultancies.

Naomi is a Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach) and leads the team that develops the award-winning PLAN primary science resources. She is a long-standing member of the Association for Science Education, a member of its Education Goup and a former Chair of its Primary Science Committee. She has written primary science teaching and learning resources for a number of publishers, including Hodder Education, Collins Snap Science and Millgate's Science Meets English.

Naomi is Regional Lead for London for the Primary Science Quality Mark and has been a hub leader since its inception in 2008 and has supported over 300 schools to successfully achieve a quality mark. She is a certified Senior Facilitator for STEM Learning.

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