Extensive experience of delivering CPD

face-to-face or remotely

We provide a wide range of continuing professional development packages in science and D&T for primary settings (see below). They include half and full-day packages and a range of shorter twilight sessions.


We are also happy to develop bespoke packages either comprised of elements from a number of the packages below or tailored to meet specific requirements. 

We charge £350 + VAT for half-day courses or twilight sessions and £600 + VAT for full-day courses. Travel costs outside London are charged in addition at cost.

Twilight sessions (1-2 hours)

Introduction to Science Enquiry

An introduction to the science enquiry process and types of enquiry in the primary  curriculum

Developing Working Scientifically Skills

An introduction to the working scientifically skills that pupils need to develop

Assessment for Learning

An introduction to a range of teaching strategies that can be used to embed assessment for learning into all lessons

Thinking and Talking in Science

An introduction to the benefits of using talk to enhance science learning

Get Out!

An introduction to the benefits of using outdoor learning to enhance the science curriculum

Developing Science Capital

An introduction to the concept of science capital and how to build it into your teaching

Science Meets English

An introduction into how science and English can be effectively combined to enhance learning in both subjects

The D&T Process

An introduction to the engineering principles behind the D&T process

Full or half-day courses

Progression in Scientific Enquiry

An in-depth course to develop a greater understanding of progression in the scientific enquiry types

Progression in Working Scientifically Skills

An in-depth course to develop a greater understanding of the progression within the working scientifically skills

Developing Effective Assessment

An in-depth course that gives teachers a clear understanding of the expectations of the National Curriculum statements

Embedding Outdoor Learning

An in-depth course that explains how outdoor learning throughout the year enhances the science curriculum

Think, Talk, Write Science

An in-depth course exploring a range of activities to engage children in deeper thinking and purposeful talk

D&T Core Skills and Technical Knowledge

An in-depth course that will enhance teachers’ technical knowledge of how to safely carry out a range of core D&T skills

Project Design in D&T

An in-depth course that will outline the factors to be considered when designing a D&T project

Using D&T to Enhance Science

An in-depth course exploring how a D&T project can be used to enhance science learning